The Nile University Center for Nanotechnology aims to improve Egyptian global competitiveness and stimulate targeted sectors of the economy by capacity building and development of intellectual property in important emerging technologies.

The Nile University Center for Nanotechnology (CNT) was founded in 2010, to strengthen Egypt's regional leadership initiatives in nanotechnology and in line with the philosophy of Nile University, enhance Egypt's R&D culture and transition to a knowledge-based economy. CNT is committed to academic excellence, innovative research, and capacity building in all areas of nanotechnology.

CNT strives to enhance and promote a multidisciplinary intellectual environment for its students, faculty and the wider Egyptian society through the promotion of transparency, creativity, and open-mindedness, teaching a love of learning as a life-long pursuit. In addition to providing an intellectually inspiring environment, the Center aims to provide the Egyptian economy with a much needed stimulus in key industrial areas. Our highly qualified research staff trains students to problem-solve with the wider picture in view, aiming to find innovative, ethical solutions that can have a profound impact on bettering the overall wellbeing and health of the society.

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Nanotechnology Masters program is now accepting applications. Please contact Nile UniversityAdmission office

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